About Us

| what we do

Our company offer hosting and outsorcing services, it also is engaged in consulting in this field. We don’t advertize ourselves in now way anywhere and we are not intending to do it. We don’t play to infinitely enlardge client base so as not to be confronted by difficulties relating to its service.

That’s why our first and only rule is to offer services of high quality.

Our Mission

| what we want

Market of information technology develops rapidly. Therefore we always look after production of new products in the field of software, test it and break it in on our diagnostic tester.

Each time we are willing to propose new products and fresh ideas. Our Client ought to know that at a point of adoption we propose him the most advanced technology within the limits of installing software and offered services.


| сlients about us

This section has a closed status and has submitted directly to our customers on demand.

The Team

| who we are

Everyone of us has worked in big companies in the past and occupied different posts from IT-manager of information technologies department to top-managers of big IT-companies. Our ambitions have grown and it led to creating what we have now.

Today we are young, but quite prosperous team of professionals in our business. We love what we do. Each time we render services as good as we would do it to ourselves. And we always are glad when our clients recommend us to others.




| how to find us

Only by our partners. Usually after the first contact with one of our partners we establish contact with you ourselves.

It’s our main domestic policy that will not ever be changed.